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Peter van Kets
First African to cross the Atlantic rowing SOLO!
5500Kms & 76 Days at sea - that's 11 weeks man-aleen!!!
100% Committed Well done Pete!
MangoSMS was used by the charity as a fund raiser sending daily updates to fans, loved ones and others

MangoSMS ver 1.3xx
Version 1.3 introduces "Relationships". When enabled this feature uses an additional page in the send wizard to redirect SMSs from the selected contact to the related "Person-of" the contact. This is an extreemely powerful feature, particularly useful for clubs and schools. Use it to send SMSs to the mothers of grade 2 learners, the taxi drivers of grade 3 learners, the "account contact" of grade 1, 2 & 3 learners ... etc. etc.

Improved performance - startup, GUI, and reduced memory footprint.

Purchase history is now displayed in the Mango, ready for printing options still to come.

MangoSMS ver 1.232
SMS delivery now with network confirmations. Replies can be routed to Mango, cell-phone, other cell-phone or email. Scheduled messages can be recalled.

Mango Movies ver 7.131
latest version now with 5 great new reports and support for SMS replies

Peter van Kets
Rowing SOLO across the Atlantic !!!
Canary's - Antigua started 5 Jan 2010 YelloPeter Peter van Kets
is using MangoSMS for the 5400Km 2010 Atlantic Rowing Race -  Interview with Dispatch Online

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MangoSMS is a modern desktop SMS product. It is feature-rich and extremely easy to use. SMS's are purchased in pre-paid bundles. MangoSMS is FREE software, no contracts, no catch, basically pay as you go.  It is very economical, typical cost is 36c per SMS, compared to handset usually 80c per SMS. "The Mango's" main strengths are simplicity, price and delivery confirmations. Quick overview ...

  • Extremely easy to use, modern interface, Win XP or better.

  • SMS costs from 40c to 28c per SMS --- 1000 SMS bundle costs R360 valid 24 months

  • Send SMS from PC to cell-phone and control replies – back to PC / email.

  • Delivery receipts confirm NETWORK DELIVERY !

  • Templates can be created, saved and personalized to send SMS batches to groups

  • Scheduled messages / batches can be sent up to 30 days in advance, can be offline, can be recalled

  • Relationships option (particularly for clubs & schools), when enabled will allow sending SMS to the mother of the child, doctor of child, appointed accounting contact of client etc.

  • Network installations can share a common database

  • Live update keeps software up to date


MangoNET is the infrastucture that makes it all work. We sell SAIX / SEACOM based bandwidth at very competative rates. Our primary focus is on reliability so redundancy is built it. We use the same infrastucture for our products that integrate online services like MangoSMS & Mango Movies.

  • ADSL lines

  • ADSL - local only bandwidth

  • ADSL - Full service

  • Web hosting - Windows

  • Web hosting - Linux

Mango Movies

Mango Movies is a fully comprehensive video store management product. It controls day to day tasks from stock, GRVs and sales, to cash-up and profit & loss. Mango Movies has a strong security aspect and forensic reports designed to keep staff abuse in check. It is a Windows product, quick to learn and easy to use. Quick overview ...

  • Control stock per DVD, per catagory, per special.

  • Allow flexability with specials, discounts and fines, but control your stock with rewards, exception reports and SMSs

  • All user transactions are logged

  • Integrated SMSing and reminders

  • Flexible control of slot numbering

  • Easy labeling

  • Reporting & Graphs

  • Bar code scanners are supported, touch screen is supported, neither are required

  • Over 50 features.


In 2008 Pete and his team mate Bill Godfrey won the 2007/8 Atlantic Rowing Race, 5350Km in 50 days!

Then in 2010, Pete has posted a new record ... "first African to row across the Atlantic SOLO!"

Then in 2011/2, Pete has just completed his "South-Pole" adventure

Peter van Kets has been sponsored by Liberty Life, and is the primary icon for Liberty's "Own you life" campaign. Read his story, and find out what he'll be up to next.

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