"Finally a product that understands the Video business, implements the owners instructions and takes responsibility !" - John Lock

Mango Movies

“Most comprehensive Video Store solution in South Africa”

PIN & Password
Admin & supervisor
Security customization
Price structures
Quick search
Specials - constraints
Contract definitions
Contract exceptions
Supported systems 7Rack / Slot / Bin & Bock / Block & tackel / Display / Loose / Warehouse
7 DVDs for 7 Days  
Happy Hour  
Staff roster  
Stock Unlimited number of items, history, catagories and price structures
Contracts & specials are "built" using stock items
Labeling There are several standard layouts. We generally make an exact layout to suit your boxes and layout style. Barcoding is supported
ReportingMany reports, mostly from customer feedback


Networkable installations Networked installations are typical with one of the machines playing the "master" role. Dedicated server is NOT required
Windows XP-SR2, VISTA, WIN 7
32-bit / 64-bit
Hardware requirements Microsoft Framework 3.5
(Included on CD version)
Online / offline Application offline
SMSing requires an internet connection
Product updates Published approximately once a month
Manual download from website


Setup -
New store
R 1000 + travel Neg.
A new store with 2 working computers, Windows and no video software software, would typically take 2 days - In that time we'd make 2 visits of a few hours each. Its mostly staff training, but we often spend a lot of time consulting with the owner - good and bad practices, better ways to do things, specials and price structures.
Setup - Existing store Onsite
R 1000 + travel Neg.
As above, with data conversions, and usually a few computer fix ups.
Setup -
DIY - New
Setup -
DIY - Existing
N/C Data conversions - we can convert data from most systems
Customers, Stock, Hire history. NO transactions
Travel R5.00/Km Nett rate includes time & travel cost
Subscription R350 pm Includes license, updates, telephone support
Last increase Subscription rates have not changed since inseption in 2004
Next price increase Mangobytes reserves the right to increase subscription rates by a maximum of 10% per year - however with an expanding user base, we have managed to maintain costs and also keep a very strong competative edge.
Why Increasing market share is more effective at this stage, current pricing supports it.
Mango Movies is our flag-ship product that will be developed further.
SMS special Mango Movies clients get SMS @ 30c subject to -
minimum purchase 1000 units. Prepaid or debit order.
ADSL Special   We've also just recently offered MangoNET ADSL subscriptions to our video store clients at better rates too. With everyone switching to ADSL and vendors offering more competative options it might be something to reconsider ... see MangoNET options.
Remote support Remote desktop / VNC / Team Viewer support is fast and effective.
Automated online offsite backup1GB
R49 pm
Up to 1GB of data is backed up to a server-farm in JHB. Software is controlled your side with encryption keys and password. Initial send is big, thereafter software only sends the difference. This can be used for any data, you decide what to store, and how often to update. Usually a folder of important documents and Mango Movies data twice a week. This type of backup is not suitable for bulky data like email. 
Automated online offsite backup3GB
R79 pm
Same as above ... 3GB of data is backed up to a server in JHB.
Server is in high security server-farm with UPS and diesel generator, guarenteed 99% up time.
Works on local-only ADSL ... see MangoNET options.
Call-out serviceR350 /hr + travel 
Payment options Setups & training - COD
Subscription - Debit order only
VAT Currently Mangobytes is a non-VAT vendor
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