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Ver 1.3 introduces "RELATIONSHIPS"
option designed for schools.

MangoSMS is a modern desktop SMS product. It is feature-rich and extremely easy to use. FREE software, no contracts, no catch, basically pay as you go. SMS's are purchased in very economical pre-paid bundles. Typical cost is 36c per SMS, compared to handset usually 80c per SMS. "The Mango's" main strengths are simplicity, price and delivery confirmations. It is ideal for big business, small business, schools, clubs, even home use. Quick overview ...

  • Send SMS from PC to cell-phone

  • Control replies – back to PC / email

  • Delivery receipts confirm NETWORK DELIVERY !

  • Store contacts and group them into multiple groups

  • Create templates to personalize and send SMS to lots of contacts

  • Schedule messages/batches to be sent up to 30 days in advance - recallable

  • Relationship option allows sending SMS to a person's appointed mother / parent / accountant / doctor etc. ideal for clubs and schools - see examples below.

  • Alter batches without affecting groups

  • Import contacts from Outlook, Access, Excel or Text

  • Networkable - network installations can share a common database

  • Starter special and free credits included

SMS bundles are valid 24 months
Payment methods are bank deposit, transfer or internet banking
An optional debit-order subscription is available, please contact Mangobytes for more information


SMS is instant messaging !
SalesGetting back to a client with appropriate information
That TENNESSEE roof carrier we spoke about has arrived for another client. It'll be here till about 16:00 if you'd like to take a look <Nigel - Wear & Tear 555-1234>
New range of DETOIT cycle clothing has just arrived <WEAR & TEAR REPAIR * time and time again>
ConfirmationsConfirmations are a good way to show clients "good service"
Goods have been sent, tracking no. 123445678
Dear xxNAMExx, marketing meeting confirmed Friday 14:30
Reminders Scheduling is a good way to deliver reminders at strategic times.
16:55 ... "Hey Henry, dont forget to collect the kids on the way home. Love Madussa!
18:30 ... "Your car is booked for a service tomorrow morning, please check-in anytime from 7:30 at the service center, thanks, <WEAR & TEAR REPAIRS>"
Info messagesA cell-phone is a great place to keep handy information
Company reg. CK555/23 & VAT no. 55512345
Documents available on CIPRO ... www.cipro.co.za
Welcome to MangoNET ... Username: nigel / Password: repair$
Email address: nigel@mangonet.co.za
Sleepless Nights Hotel, 44 Musgrave Rd.
From N2, take Sugar drive exit, left onto Cane str. T-junction, left. Please check in before 18:00 - Amy 555-1234
Urgent messagesPeople wont take a call in a meeting, but they'll often look at an SMS
Mr Costa is not happy with the deal, please call the office as soon as possible - Gertrude
Please go past "faulty bike parts" on your way back, goods are ready to collect.
One way callsThis is a powerful money saver - person gets your message, if they must comment then its their call.
Hi Paul, bicyle parts have arrived, will be fitted and ready to collect after 16:00. Shop closes at 17:00. <Wear & Tear Repairs>
Running late, will be there 10:00 latest - Nigel
Hi Julie, Fluffy's condition has not improved. As discussed we'd like to keep her overnight, Frank <One Stop Vet Shop>
Unwelcome newsLet people have their angry moment in piece, save the embarrassments and time-waste.
Please return outstanding DVD to shop
Dear xxNAMExx, friendly reminder, your account is overdue. Please settle as soon as possible <Wear & Tears>
Save MoneyDoes this sound familiar?
  • You try to contact your client at their land-line ... the minimum charge for a Telkom call is now 65c. 0860's & 0861's are excluded from most Telkom closer plans, with 0861's charged at national rates regardless - so you pay! If call goes to voice mail - you pay. Hold or no answer - waiste of time, and no recognition.
  • So you call the cell-phone - the minimum cost here is more expensive no matter how you look at it - again cell calls are excluded on most Telkom closer plans.
  • Because of greetings and other niceties the phone call is hardly ever less than a minute.
  • Depending on what you need to say, people will respond and usually with additional unecessary chatter.
  • "Unwelcome calls" and "make a decision" calls are often verbose as some of the talking is actually thinking time.
  • Then add poor call quality, dropped calls and the usual problems to the mix.
It would cost R1.75  and take you 10mins to send 5 SMSs to a client through the course of a business deal.
The same exercise with only 4 phone calls would cost a theoretical minimum of R2.60. Realistically much more.
Telkom Send SMS's!Even Telkom send SMS's
  • Saves them money
  • Saves them time
  • Batch sending requires less staff
  • Happy staff not making any more unwelcome phone calls?


Send SMS from PC to cell-phone • Control replies – back to PC / cell-phone / email • Delivery receipts confirm HANDSET DELIVERY! • Import from Outlook, Access, Excel, Text • Store contacts and group them into multiple groups • Alter batches without affecting groups • Relate contacts to send to mother of child, account contact of client etc. • Create templates to personalize and send SMS batches • Schedule messages/batches up to 30 days in advance - recallable • Network installations can share a common database • Free Software • 10 Free SMS & Starter special • Feedback welcome, support@mangobytes.co.za • Dealer support, telephone, email & web • www.mangobytes.com
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