Peter van Kets
First African to cross the Atlantic rowing SOLO!
5500Kms & 76 Days at sea - that's 11 weeks man-aleen!!!
100% Committed Well done Pete!
MangoSMS was used by the charity as a fund raiser sending daily updates to fans, loved ones and others

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Peter van Kets
Rowing SOLO across the Atlantic !!!
Canary's - Antigua started 5 Jan 2010 YelloPeter Peter van Kets
is using MangoSMS for the 5400Km 2010 Atlantic Rowing Race -  Interview with Dispatch Online

PeterVanKets - Own your Life
Carel du Toit Centre

School for deaf & hearing impaired children

Peter van Kets

5500Km Atlantic rowing race
Canary Islands - Antigua
5 Jan 2010 - SOLO - 21 Mar 2010
11 Weeks "MAN-ALEEN!"


Peter van Kets a motivational speaker, and doing things like, taking a summer stroll to the South-Pole, or crossing the Atlantic in a rowing boat the size of a caravan, revitalises his mind and energises his sole. Then its back to work, inspiring others with his strenghth and courage. He is naturally an example of human ability, determination and accomplishment. And whilst we can't all do the Atlantic (leave is often a problem at that time of year), we do all subscribe to unbelievable achievement - super human - matrix, you name it. And talking to Pete does inspire one to achieve and find success.

Pete's charity, the Carel du Toit Centre is a small school for deaf children, based in his home town, East London, and their work extends into rural Transkei too. MangoSMS was used as a fund raiser for the charity to benefit deaf and hearing impaired children.

MangoSMS was used in Pete's charity drive for the duration of the Peter van Kets solo Atlantic crossing to send daily SMS updates of Pete's progress and news to friends, fans, supporters and loved one's.


How we did it * SMS-a-day

Get an SMS-a-day with appropriate feedback on the race and Pete's progress. Just a few lines with highlights - could be bad weather, position, sharks, boat troubles, health, Pete's comments or just general progress ...

Simply donate R100 (or more) to the Carel du Toit Centre, East London

Nedbank, Vincent Park, branch code 120621
Account No: 1206-028-726
Reference: YOUR cell-phone number


Carel du Toit Centre

The Carel du Toit Centre works with hearing impaired and language delayed children in the Eastern Cape Region. The oral method of education encourages children to listen and then speak through a combination of technology and intensive language therapy thus enabling integration into the hearing world. The Carel du Toit Centre, East London has several centres and operates as an NPO (003‐401) under the guidance of a Board of Trustees.


  • To motivate for compulsory testing of all neonates as part of an early intervention programme.
  • To establish an accomodation facility for visiting out-of-town parents and children.
  • To provide further opportunities for staff education and training.


  • Parent Guidance sessions for parents and families of deaf children.
  • Pre school classes for hearing impaired and language delayed children with a teacher/child ratio of 1:6.
  • An aftercare facility offering a hot lunch and further language exposure for children of working parents.
  • Additional English lessons for hearing impaired scholars who have mainstreamed.
  • All children at the Centre have access to audiologists and speech therapists in addition to their teachers


  • If you would like to support this cause please feel free to donate ...
    Nedbank (South Africa), Vincent Park; branch code: 120621
    Account No: 1206-028-726; Reference: SomeShortText
  • The school has various ways for people to donate, sponsor or participate ... see their website.

Carel du Toit Centre - school for deaf and hearing impared children
1 Cheltenham Road Selborne East London 043-742-1420
East London - South Africa +2743-742-1420
Email Simone

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